Support Disabled people for Yes on Mon 18th August

We would like to see disabled people who want to show their support for Yes, as well as their supporters and families, at the Disabled People for Yes demonstration and press launch on 18th August at 11am on George Square in Glasgow. If you would like to show your support but are unable to attend in person, we would love to take you along in our virtual Wall of Support. Please read below for more on how to become part of that wall.

Our Disabled People for Yes wall of support is going to be made up as follows:

–          photos of our followers and supporters

–          quotes both in written and audio format

–          short videos showing your support

Please tell us why you want to vote Yes, what kind of society you want to live in, and also if you have a message for the No voters. We want to get these messages broadly covered in the media and social media, so even if your feelings are most accurately expressed using four letter words, please make your message as professional, short and clear as possible so undecided folks will listen to what you are saying :-)

Please try and get your material to us by Friday 15th August so we can collate it by Monday’s demonstration. You can send us your material via email to (Put Wall of Support in the subject line), Personal Message on the Facebook page Disabled People for Yes or tweet to @disabled_foryes (Use the tag #dpfy)

Pictures/photos – include a message board or banner if possible displaying your name and/or a message

Written quotes – please keep them short and snappy!

Audio quotes – you can record an audio file and send us the file via email

Video – again, please keep the message as concise as possible so your point gets made clearly! Upload to Youtube and send us the link to, Personal Message on the Facebook page or tweet the link to @disabled_foryes

Please note, by sending us your content, you are giving “Disabled People for Yes” the right to use your material in any of our publicity materials such as our Facebook page, and to distribute these to the press. Please add the way you want to be identified if we are quoting you, e.g. “Jim White, Rutherglen” or “@thisaccount”. If you want to send us something but only want to make it available under certain conditions, please email us at and let us know what you want to do. We will try to accommodate your wishes if possible.

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