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Submission to Smith Commission on behalf of Disabled People for Yes

Below is the submission to the Smith Commission on behalf of Disabled People for Yes. N.B. If you wish to use any of the below ideas, facts and figures for your own submission, please feel free to do so –

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About Disabled People for Yes

With 1 month to go till the referendum, grassroots group “Disabled People for Yes” urges disabled people and their supporters to vote Yes for a better future.   The idea for Disabled People for Yes grew out of the realisation

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Herald article published 18/8/2014 “As a disabled person, Yes offers hope but a No vote more suffering”

“And the land shall reek of falsehood, sweat lies and chicane” The words of a 19th century philosopher that could not be more relevant to the land we live in today. As the referendum to decide our future comes ever

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Support Disabled people for Yes on Mon 18th August

We would like to see disabled people who want to show their support for Yes, as well as their supporters and families, at the Disabled People for Yes demonstration and press launch on 18th August at 11am on George Square

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