About DSN

Disability Solidarity Network has formed itself from the disabled elements within The Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty. Set up to meet the rising demands placed up on ECAP by disabled people affected by the soul destroying benefits jungle created by recent welfare reforms. We pursue our objectives by empowering Disabled people to challenge injustice and inequality through a mutual solidarity network.

What we do

DSN works with disabled people who are affected by WCA and PIP. This sort of support can be accessed through the ECAP drop in advice session at 17 Montgomery Place Edinburgh 12-3 on Tuesdays.

DSN is committed to staying true to its roots by helping disabled people to organize themselves to campaign on disability and human rights issues. DSN will be involved in organizing Street canvassing, lobbying, and peaceful protests against all forms of inequality and social apartheid

What we don’t do


DSN support teams are crewed by volunteers who use there own resources to help others and are often severely disable themselves. This means we can only offer close support to a limited amount of people at any given time. It’s not all doom and gloom though. We aim to supply every one who approaches DSN with enough information and advice to give them, a fighting chance when it come to facing the WCA or PIP assessment.


DSN dose not condone abusive and or threatening behaviour, violence the mindless destruction of property or any other form of intimidation tactic to achieve its objectives. DSN engages in and fully supports non violent protest, direct action and civil disobedience. These tactics are employed to raise awareness of the cause, draw attention to the issues of the day and to shame the focus of any action into submission. Promoting a public face of dignity and respect for disabled people who chose to protest in this way is of paramount importance to DSN.

 If any person attends any DSN event and engages in any form of abusive, violent or otherwise unacceptable behavior then you are simply not with us. DSN is committed to keeping it Proper and keeping it Gandhi.

All Peace DSN


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